SeriousSteel 3″ Reaction Ball |Sport Agility & Reaction Trainer (Single Unit)

Published in Detail Review on 31st December 2018

SeriousSteel 3 Reaction Ball Sport Agility & Reaction Trainer (Single Unit)1Product Introduction

A reaction ball – a training tool is used to improve agility and reaction time in numerous sports activity. The ball appears in a way that it does not resemble like a sphere. The rubber ball bounces well on hard surfaces. The reaction ball is used by athletes. They bounce it in order to grab it back. This is not as easy as it looks; it becomes challenging due to the unpredictability of the ball and its bouncing speed. Since every sport requires hand eye coordination, swiftness, alertness, instant reaction time and most importantly agility, it is wise to use a reaction ball. Due to this, reaction ball forms to be an integral part of practice session. Serious Steel Reaction Ball is one of the best reaction balls that are aggressively being used by several players.

Product Detail

Serious Steel Reaction Ball is unique and different from other training equipments. It is indeed best reaction ball for undertaking training sessions for different sports. The Steel Reaction Ball does not appear like a usual ball. The shape is very odd. Hence whenever it is bounced or thrown in a particular direction, it comes back in unpredictable paths. These balls come in four colors: Blue, Red, Yellow or Green. SeriousSteel 3 Reaction Ball Sport Agility & Reaction Trainer (Single Unit)2The colors are bright in order to enable a clear visibility to the athletes during practice time. Serious Steel Reaction Ball comprises of six sides. It is manufactured with the help of high bouncing design of rubber. The material enables the ball to stand any hard surface as well. Kids in the age group of 6 years and above can easily play with this ball. One can get reaction balls easily.

The Serious Steel reaction ball can be used in different manner. While the player himself or herself is playing, then it is easy to bounce the reaction ball towards the ball in order to get it backwards. When practice sessions take place between two athletes, each of these athletes can use reaction balls in a way that either one of them throws the ball, while the other one catches it and vice versa. It is a difficult workout to catch the ball not because one has to run to reach towards it, but because one must decide the direction in which he or she has to reach. Players believe in undertaking this activity on a regular basis. The ball influences the players to throw and catch it in order to enhance their focus. It is very essential to be well prepared in taking up certain decisions while the game is on. This activity indeed helps the player in doing so. Baseball, tennis and basketball and other related sports require the capacity and need to play with reaction ball. Hence by using Serious Steel Reaction ball, players from different sports would get benefitted with it. It will aid in enhancing hand eye coordination, reaction timings, etc of the players.


SeriousSteel 3 Reaction Ball Sport Agility & Reaction Trainer (Single Unit)3This Serious Steel Reaction Ball will help in increasing the reactive timing in order to create a hold on ball. It is very useful for soccer, football, goaltender and baseball player to play with reaction balls. This ball improvises hand-eye coordination, reaction time, ball tracking, focus, lateral movement and balance. This will also help to improvise the reaction time in any sport. Serious Steel Reaction ball is indeed a great tool for players spanning from hockey to baseball. Keeping in mind all the different aspects of one’s physical fitness and maintaining it is a difficult task, a reaction ball can be used to meet several mechanisms.


There is no scope of disadvantages.


Serious Steel Reaction Ball is also called a reflex ball, as it functions due to its shape. Actually, the Serious Steel Reaction Ball is not bouncing randomly. It reacts according to physics. The only important feature is that it is unpredictable for the athletes to identify the direction in which the reaction ball will go.


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