j/fit Small Reaction Ball

Published in Detail Review on 28th December 2018

J/Fit Small Reaction BallProduct Introduction

Jody Lernihan and her brother Bob are the creative minds who have faced all odds to invent something known as JFIT reaction ball. The duo spearheaded this new wave in the world of fitness with the sole intention of giving people a chance to work out while inside their house. The user will not have to step outside the house or even change his attire for playing with the sports equipments. It may be small in team size but definitely not when it comes to developing excellent sportswear for the public at large. Founded in the 90s, JFIT also offers equipments for training racks, cardio, muscle regeneration, playfit, yoga and Pilates. JFIT reaction ball is a smart and best reaction ball device that is useful in seeking proper training for improving reflexes.

Product Details

JFIT Reaction Balls are training balls designed to help a sportsperson improve his skills on field. These, constructed by using rubber of high density are available in small and large sizes. While the small JFIT reaction ball follows the dimensions of 1.5 inches diameter, the larger one is available with a diameter of 3” inches. Both the balls have the same weight – 1lb. However during shipping the former one weighs about 2.6 pounds while the latter one boils down to 8.8 ounces. These are designed using bright colors such as blue, yellow and orange. One of the major points of difference between both the balls is that the small reaction ball comes with higher difficulty. The small reaction ball costs about $11.81 and the larger one is available in the online stores at the rate of $13.26.


Small Reaction Ball: J/FitPeople who have bought the JFIT reaction ball exclaim that the ball follows an unusual bouncing pattern which tremendously helps in improvising on the reaction time and quickness in the sport. It works that extra hard to improve the players’ hand and eye co-ordination. It can be used in small or larger groups so as to work on the factor of balance. If not for the sports, the JFIT reaction balls double up as work out equipments. The irregular bouncing pattern is what works wonders to shed the extra weight. Some of the users add that the sports equipment can also be used in the grass. It is worth the price paid for. Children will definitely have fun playing with the large JFIT reaction ball since it comes with lesser irregular bouncing patterns. As for the professionals or sportsperson, the JFIT small reaction ball is a must. One can easily get reaction ball for their kids, parents, and friends or even for oneself by making an online order or by visiting retail outlets.


At the price of $11.81 JFIT small reaction ball is a profitable deal. It offers the maximum training support according to its price tag. However on rare occasions people have placed complaints about the quality of the ball. Both the small and large JFIT reaction ball seems to have a poor finishing. The material used to design the reaction ball is of poor quality and hence bears the brunt of early wear and tear. Further as professionals, one may not be satisfied with the large reaction ball. It might not be a great choice to improve the reflexes and reaction time required in baseball.


JFIT Reaction ball is great move to get into baseball training. It will help in increasing strength and improving hand eye co-ordination for the sport. It is indeed one of the best ways to seek balance and improve upon the reflexes. It may go through wear and tear with excessive use. Nevertheless it offers enough benefits to offset the cost. If someone is looking for training that comes with fun, JFIT reaction ball is just what he or she needs. With the click of few buttons, the reaction ball will be delivered at the house.


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